Two priceless treasures we hope to give your Child
One is Roots …the other Wings.

Spring Valley Public School was started in the year 2000 by Mata Ajit Kaur Memorial Educational Society to provide pre-school children their first structured education away from home. It provides them experience that accelerate development, while keeping children happy.

As per Govt. Directive, 25% seats are reserved for underprivilaged sections of the society.


Admissions for session 2015-2016 are OPEN.

Director’s Message

Dear Parents !

We take pride in the Spring Valley Public School being a state-of-art school, deeply committed to its goal of imparting value-based education, to all segments of society even as the vision for the same is global.


Our Mission

“In the early years, no lesson is more important for a child than just learning to enjoy learning”.

The motto of Spring Valley Public School is to give a strong foundation to the child by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment.


Why Us

English Conversation and Stage Exposure: 

English is the language of the world. Your child should speak it fluently. At Spring Valley Public School we constantly improve the child’s vocabulary and expression in language. We also get them to perform young. It helps rid of them of stage fright and builds confidence.