About the School


Spring Valley School was started in the year 2000 by Mata Ajit Kaur Memorial Educational Society to provide pre-school children their first structured education away from home. It provides them experience that accelerate development, while keeping children happy.


A child is always enthusiastic when he first goes to school and same is the case with parents, when they send their ward to the school. With number of schools with varied facilities in the vicinity of your residence, it becomes difficult for the parents to decide where to send a child. The child’s personality is developed during the initial years when he attends the playway of nursery class and the same helps the child to remain ahead of other children during the remaining years in the school or college. So the child should spend his initial years in an atmosphere where he can develop his personality to remain successful in life.

We at Spring Valley Public School have developed a curriculum for the child which he will enjoy and feel at home while studying. We will help the child to develop his personality within a surrounding he may like more than a home.