Why Us

English Conversation and Stage Exposure: 

English is the language of the world. Your child should speak it fluently. At Spring Valley Public School we constantly improve the child’s vocabulary and expression in language. We also get them to perform young. It helps rid of them of stage fright and builds confidence.

The entire school has been divided into playful learning zones. Scores of play areas have been created after flowers, animals, vegetables and alphabets. The result is an environment from which the child’s mind soaks knowledge like a sponge soaks water. Th Splash Pool, Doll House, Sand Pit, Computer Centre, Puzzles Room etc. are used for the all round development of children.

Specialized Centres
A computer savvy child is the candidate for the 21st century, therefore there is a fully equipped computer room with computers and huge software library to develop the child’s memory, observation and logical thinking. It also enhances the child’s knowledge about the world around him.

Creativity Centre
Your child could be a hidden star, you never know! The creativity centre is a place where children learn art and craft as well as participate in music and dance. we nurture their inherent talents and bring out their creativity.   Intellectual Development Room: It helps in developing the basic intelligence of the child with the help of mazes, riddles and puzzles. This enhances logical thinking and problem solving abilities. It also improves the child’s observation power and memory.


Intellectual Development:
Focuses on the child’s five senses (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste), the skills of memory and observation, problem solving, logical thinking and developing a scientific attitude and a sense of curiosity.

Language Development
We empower the child with vocabulary and help him or her to express better.

Socio emotional development:
Apart from inculcating good behavior and manners, we also develop various life skills in the child.

Creative Development:
This is the blossoming of creativity with the help of music, dance and colours. The child’s imagination soars as he creates things.

Environment made of love and care
A look through your child’s eyes will reveal that Spring Valley Kindercare is a Child friendly, Safe, Hygienic purposefully built and beautifully equipped pre nursery school. We at SPring Valley wish to preserve the excitement and wonder of childhood and make children experience the joy of learning to help them become education friendly.

Doll House: This is another parallel world that helps in the social development of the child. For kids, dolls are merely the representations of themselves, their family members and other individuals in the society. Here the child learns good manners and etiquettes in relation to self, family and the society.